who ruby is

ruby morgan voigt is a graphic designer living in karlsruhe, germany. they've got eight years of experience in the field and a b.a. in vizcom & graphic design from hmkw frankfurt. ruby is available for freelance work and currently employed by the city of karlsruhe.

what ruby does
  • graphic design
  • print design
  • web design
  • novels & screenplays
  • digital art
  • essays, thoughts, ramblings
  • editing wikipedia, on the weekend
what ruby knows
  • html, css, js, ts, php (the usual suspects)
  • bash/zsh, python, c# (somehow)
  • ps, id, ai, lr, pr, ae
  • affinity suite
  • figma, sketch
  • davinci resolve
  • final cut, motion, logic
  • camera operation & video production
what ruby likes
  • brutalism
  • the corporate tech aesthetic of the 70s (think IBM)
  • public transport
  • 3 hour video essays on niche topics
  • radiohead
  • mechanical keyboards
  • science fiction
  • fran lebowitz
  • the nytimes games page
contact ruby

shoot me an email at [email protected]. if you don't like email, tough luck, cause that's the main way to reach me. i also have:

pgp key: here

nice place dude

thanks bud i built it myself

tech stack:

  • kirby 4
  • as little js as possible
  • hosted on uberspace
  • registered at cloudflare

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