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We have a habit of letting the mind wander. We have a habit of giving our thoughts free range. We have a habit of keeping a steady supply of thoughts. Often, they are harvested. More often, they are discarded.

We reap from the field of ideas, but lately, the harvest hasn't been as bountiful. Does one have to try harder? Perhaps - but one ought to interrogate what harder means. Is it to discard less thoughts? Is it to harvest more often? Is it to constrain one's thoughts, as to not lose them in the cortical plains?

We find ourselves discarding more thoughts than is custom. This can not be healthy. We consider our mental tool belt - usually, it offers some way to engage with an unrefined thought, a plaque of opinions, desires, axioms - today, it offers nothing useful.

Up, Down, Left, Right, Fire?

None of these options satisfy us. Moving our thoughts, impossible; moving us, an ordeal. Upon closer inspection, the thought isn't even as interesting as we expected it to.

I can't believe it's already May.

I can't believe it's already Monday.

I don't believe in dogs, per se, like Democritus, I believe in the arrangements of atoms in space.

Up, Down, Left, Right, Fire?

We sigh, and set the thought ablaze. It cries out for a brief moment, in a symphony of torment, anguish, dispair. A monstrous, vivid tapestry, dyed by pain. We feel bad, for a brief moment.

Another time, perhaps.


Recently, my town's transit map has been starting to annoy me more and more. It's not that there's anything wrong with it in itself, in fact, it does its job quite well - but there's just something to dislike about the weirdly organic curves, swoops, complete lack of parallelity or shared motifs. I want to fix it, but I won't. I can't engage, it'll only make me sad.

Lately, dear reader, I've not been very productive. That is to say, I haven't been learning as much as I'd like. I have made things, but making and learning aren't inherently connected. On the subject of things made, there's the microblog of a dear friend, realised of course within the trusty framework of Kirby 3. Have a look at It's not encrypted, and it doesn't need to be. Also, my registrar doesn't support LE.

On the subject of things learned, however, I have to return from my deployment empty-handed. Rest assured, this saddens me much more than it should, dear reader - but I do have an idea for a new project that could teach me something.

You see, dear reader, like everyone else with a brain and a computer I've been losing hours and hours to the new The Legend of Zelda. It's quite good, and perhaps extended thoughts are in order for another monthly - but it did make me want to emulate its distinct map style for a real-world inspired piece. Maybe you'll see it soon!


It's a real shame that these lines are the most I've written in weeks. No, I've not really made novel progress; No, I've not really made worldbuilding progress. You may notice a pattern emerge, dear reader - one can only hope the cycle is broken, preferably with haste.

The screenplay has not held my mind for long. Now it just festers, taunting me from the iA Writer sidebar as a project I desperately need to finish, or at least work on. Maybe one day it'll win, but it won't be this day.


Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

Most humbly, dear reader,