Hi 👋, I'm Ruby.
I'm a designer with seven years of experience and counting.
I currently work at ↗ JOHNNY ARCHITECTURE.

Apps I use:

  • Adobe Photoshop (6 years of experience)
  • Adobe Illustrator (4 years of experience)
  • Figma (2 years of experience)
  • Sketch (12 months of experience)
  • Serif Affinity Designer (2 years of experience)
  • Serif Affinity Photo (2 years of experience)
  • Serif Affinity Publisher (18 months of experience)

Languages and other tools I use:

  • Enough SQL to get by
  • English and German (L1 native)
  • Haitian Creole and Yiddish (learning for fun!)
  • Notion

What I can do for you:

I'm a print designer by passion and an everything else designer by trade. If you or your business needs a new logo, a visual identity, new business cards, flyers, album covers, posters - I'm here for you.

I also do web design! This page you're sitting on right now is homemade using the Kirby content manager system. It's perfect for smaller sites and portfolios, but if you need something bigger with a robust blog and comment integration, I usually use my custom modified Wordpress installation RubyWP for that.

Other than that, I also do complete interface designs. I've designed the interface for multiple apps before, including iOS and Android.

If you'd like to hire me, hit the contact button up top and shoot me an email!

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